During the Elections

To Whom this concerns,

It’s election today; the voting is over, and the counting has already started. I’m really disheartened about the results I heard on television just now. My candidate, Sen. Dick Gordon, got one vote from somewhere then zero from somewhere else. The candidate that wrote the Automation Elections Law really deserves that position. He defended that law until it was passed in the senate. He is the reason why we are experiencing the kind of election that other “higher” countries already experienced. He’s the reason why we have that kind of election now… But only a few appreciated that.

Some decided their votes according to personal attachment, some because they were blinded by charisma and popularity. Some because the candidate was an alumna/alumnus of their school. I really don’t understand why some of my fellow countrymen decide their vote in a shallow way. Some believe in advertisements that the candidate really can eradicate poverty in the Philippines, even without proving anything. It’s really not a matter of “give chance to others.” Besides, they already conquered the world of politics for how many years, yet they haven’t proven so much. This is a big issue, and the decision should not be from a coin toss or a bato-bato pick.

I want to generalize those people who voted for the candidate I don’t want to win. Yes, I don’t want Noynoy Aquino to win. I don’t want Joseph Estrada to win. But You know what? They are currently fighting for the first and second position in the tally. But who am I to generalize? Who am I to judge? I have no right to be so mad at them. It’s their choice after all. I have no proof that they didn’t scan the candidates. I’m not a god. I can’t even see the future, so how can I tell that Philippines will not progress when the candidate who I’m not in favor for wins the position that carries the reputation of my beloved country?

I cry whenever my bet doesn’t win. It just hurts, especially when I know that the person deserves the position… especially when I know that I really took time to study the candidates’ profiles.

I know I don’t have the right to hate or get mad at the people who voted for the person I really don’t want to win. But please let me have the right to cry and to have tantrums for a while. Still, I am happy that I was a part of this election. I will never regret the fact that I voted for Sen. Dick Gordon, though the tally says he can’t win. I knew I voted the right candidate. No regrets. Time will say whether I will support the next administration, but I still believe in a clean and honest government. That’s different.

Bless my beloved country.

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