Red Feet

I went to UP to see if there’s a schedule for Math 157 removals already. So I looked at our prof’s door and then there was an index card that says, Math 157 Removals on May 31, 2011, 10-12. Removal Permit must be duly accomplished before the said date. Uhm, yeah, something like that. I went to Educ after to meet Jessica for the videos. Unfortunately, she needs to go somewhere so she left the flash drives inside the cabinet.

I stayed at EdCirc’s tambayan to wait for the College Sec’s office to open. After a few minutes, Michael came to review for his math 17 exam, so I opened my notebook and tried all my best to review the first few pages of my Math 157 notebook. Unfortunately, I failed.

When the office opened, I asked wrote my name on the ‘graduating’ list, then proceeded to Ms. Nitz for a copy of the removal permit. I filled in the blanks then went straight to the Dean’s office. Sad truth, but she said that I need to have the signature of my prof first. So I went to math again, and saw that my prof’s not around anymore! I was like screaming nooooo like people in the comedy movies with the slow mo effect.

I was happy (and quite surprised) when I saw ate Desiree. She was looking for sir Palma, our Math 121.1 instructor, for her math 121.1 results, so we waited for it. And then, we got stressed so we decided to have some fresh air to breathe.

Afterwards, we went to (I forgot the place… Milk Tea?) near KNL (or is it in KNL?) to have a taste of Caramel Milk Tea and Jasmin Milk Tea. I recommend that milk tea store by the way. Their milk teas cost 50 to 85 pesos. Not bad since you could substitute a meal for that tea.

Since we’re near Math building already, I decided to take a peek at ma’am Tan’s room. And and and–the lights were on! So I let her sign on the removal slip, then we went to Educ AGAIN for the Dean’s signature. We waited until 5:30 since she had some things to settle. I would never forget what Dr. Dina S. Ocampo said, “May mas igagaling ka pa diyan.”

I thought my day would end with the very nice quote, BUT NO. I left UP at around 5:00 pm, but rode the jeepney at around 6:45! The rain started to pour (and it was a very good thing that my brother gave me an umbrella before leaving), and the wind almost blew my umbrella away, which resulted to a very wet me. PLUS THE TRAFFIC. Imagine?! I arrived home at 9:30!

The funny thing was when I removed my sandalas, my feet were already red–literally red. The color of the suwelas of my sandalas “mixed” with the color of my skin.

What are your thoughts?

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