Lady Gaga

Maybe it’s too much to make a comment about all the issues, I’m no one but a 21-year old college grad. But of course, I’m not really into favoring something or someone of all sorts, I’d rather stay out of it if it’s not interesting, or take both sides into consideration and weigh their pros and cons. Like this issue of Lady Gaga having a concert in our country.

Honestly, I cannot see why she cannot do the concert. If parents taught their children to love Him above all, they won’t treat Gaga’s music as some sort of idolatry or something. It’s plain music, and entertainment. I, as a believer, I sing these songs, honestly. However, it’s not as if it would take my life away. You know, it’s like prioritizing. You know what’s important and what you don’t really need. However, those things you don’t really need may bring some lessons in life that might help you.

Although her song “Judas,” hmm. I could say that, whoever takes this song literally is just like what her name means, stupid. Sorry for the term.

If people could only look into the deeper sense than to take it literally. It’s the same as thinking about some closed-minded people who get mad without even hearing the other side.

But seriously? Maybe her fault was to use names she shouldn’t have used. Besides, there are other metaphors. After all, when you make music, the more intriguing it sounds, the more popular it may be. That’s what bothers me, she could have used other things or prominent people.

As cliché says, “It’s really in the eye of the beholder.”

What are your thoughts?

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