The Universe and the Life Beyond It

My boyfriend and I had the most geeky (?) conversation we ever had. From the Lady Gaga issue, we had a talk about the universe, God, heaven and death. You know, as a 9-month old couple, we had been talking about our future, what to do with his wow-ish accounts, what will I do with my future money, what the color of the rooms will be, how many babies will we have, what will be their names, when is the time to get married etc. Don’t get us wrong, we’re goal-settlers. We are very detailed when it comes to logistics, but as we do this, we are also enjoying our time together.

Anyway, going back. I asked him what was outside the universe. I’m sure I’m not the only one asking this question. Actually, ever since my parents started scolding me about shallow things, I started to ask if there was a God, about the universe. And I sort of disliked my parents for that because I was not really able to enjoy my childish brain activities.

So there, I asked him, “What is outside the universe?”

He answered me, “Nothing. Nothing’s out there.” Then I compared the whole thing to being in a room where we were. The room was the Earth, the whole region will be the whole solar system, and the Earth was the milky way galaxy. I replied, “What’s the universe in ratio?”

Then he said, ” Nothing.”

I was like, “Is that possible? This is nothing… I mean… This is air is nothing, but we know it’s bounded by our room, right?”

What he replied was the most interesting part of the conversation: “It’s because you were used to the presence of matter.” Yes, I thought. I was taught that this nothing is air–it is still matter. However, he said that what’s outside the universe is nothing. As in nothing. Maybe.

Hard to comprehend?

So I then asked, “Where’s heaven?” I laughed as I asked like a child. “Is it above the universe? Or is it somewhere else?” I forgot where he compared it, but I remember summarizing it that the universe is a crystal ball. No one inside that crystal ball knew what was happening outside them. However, outside was the Lord and the heavens etc.

Harder to comprehend?

“What happens after we die? What do our souls look like?”  Though he guessed that souls have no form, maybe like the one that Gokou emits when he says “kami hami…” Afterwards, we realized that it’s difficult to conclude when you have not yet experienced it.

Hard to comprehend.

2 thoughts on “The Universe and the Life Beyond It

  1. hayy., meron tlagang mga bagay na hnd masasagot ng sensya… at dun mo nlng marerealize kung gano tlga kagaling ang Panginoon.. miski pnaka matalinong tao, hinding hindi malalagpasan ang greatness ng Diyos… stop believing in that old cliche that said’ ”to see is to believe” .. and change it to ” to BELIEVE is to SEE”


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