The Girl’s Second Love

The feeling that I had six years ago is a feeling I would always like to feel… love to feel. I even had times when I begged for it and it took a year before I learned how to let go. How? This guy, named heartache, came. He brought me to the moon, to the deepest seas, and even to Hades just to let me move on. The problem is…

I fell for this guy.

It sucks when all you wanted to do is to forget a love that you thought would last forever, or perhaps to bury your feelings six feet under. Then, someone would make you recall when you’re at the point of ‘rebirth’. Then finally… you miss the ‘feeling’.

And yes, I could tell that when I’m in love, I become a masochist.

We would share stories about all the girls under the red sky, except me; name all the stars with different girl names except for my name etcetera. I can’t blame him… In the first place, my love story always starts with a nobody to somebody. I have said those three words a million times to you, but you never took it seriously, didn’t you?

The imperfection in him made me realize that he’s the perfect one to be with in the future. Unfortunately, everybody doesn’t like you for me—and this includes you.

Now tell me…

Do I need another heartache just to let go of you?

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