A Dream About an Axe Guy

Before I review for my Hapom 11 quiz tomorrow, I would write a blog about the reason why I’m still awake at this time of the day. I slept round 4 pm since my body is very tired. Maybe sleeping at these times and not waking up is a sign that I’m dying. Weak. But anyway.

In my dream, I was with someone, with a guy that I don’t know or I just don’t remember what he looked like. He called me for help because every being in that castle wanted to kill him. Though I didn’t really know how I got there. He needed to get something inside a locked wooden door, and of course we couldn’t open it since it was locked.

The ax guy was coming towards us.

In my thoughts, why the hell couldn’t he just kick this door then cut the wood with our mini axe? Yes, we had a mini axe. So I kicked the door while stabbing it with our mini axe. We entered the room and then looked for a hammer.

Too late, the axe guy was already inside that room too.

We were at the front corners of the room. We threw everything we could throw, including the hammer that we were holding. I continued to throw things to that guy, and after a few seconds, I realized that the guy whom I was with (and was helping) wasn’t there anymore.

So in the end, I was left alone in that room while that big axe guy threw the axes on me (though they slipped) then the hammer that hit my shoulder. I was begging him not to kill me, but that big axe guy didn’t listen. In my subconscious, I was telling myself, “shit, I’m dead.” So when the big axe guy was to make his move to hit me with the hammer.

Then I woke up.

And that is the reason why I’m awake at this time of the day. So I guess, even in my dreams… I’m still the one protecting someone.

What are your thoughts?

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