And since there is no term for “fear of falling in love again”, I invented one. I think it’s way different from Philophobia alone. When you say you have philophobia, from the start you’re afraid to fall in love. However, when you have this palinphilophia, you experienced falling in love, and is afraid to fall in love again.

It’s just quite irritating how emotional I am when the topic is about ‘love’. Don’t get me wrong; I’m fine dying single.

Setting this aside, I am becoming depressed about many things happening at home. I wish I could just kill myself, or better yet, lose my memory. It sucks when you can do nothing but stare at the misfortune. You’re making plans, unfortunately, it won’t agree to the schedule of your other priorities. It’s tiring.

Why should I be suffering this kind of disorder, this kind of psychological thinking, and this kind of physical and emotional abuse?

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