Mama was eating dinner (sisig) that time, and I just had to–I think–talk to her about this, to be fair with the other side. :P I just met his parents, and I think I just had to do my part too. We’re not yet in a relationship, but I think it would be better if our parents know about his “courtship” whatever.

So I went to her right side, got a glass of coke then…

“Ma, could I bring him here?”

And I was not surprised if she stopped eating dinner for a while.

“Why?” Mom asked.
“Nothing. I just thought it would be better if you… know him… I guess.”
“Go!” My little brother, Christian, interrupted, “I would like to eat pizza.”
“I go for krispy kreme.” Kuya Dean suggested.
“He’s from LSM too.” Christian said.

I laughed with their suggestions. The men here just wanted something to eat, but I was not sure if they wanted to know him.

Anak,” She said, “When you say courtship, he shouldn’t have the idea that you like him.”
“Ma! This is once in a blue moon! Ate will not be courted again! Bahala kayo,” My brother yelled at my mom. He was “informally” serious though, as always. “Meeting him means food. And we need food.”


“Why are you so mad?!” Mom laughed at my younger brother’s tone. “Your ate should know him more, but she shouldn’t give him the idea that she has a crush on him.”
“Ma, that was nineteen kopong kopong.”
“What nineteen kopong kopong? That’s the lapse of this generation.”

And since they were having a very childish fight, I interrupted already.

“Ma, I’m still like a Maria Clara of this generation. Be thankful I still allowed him to ask me–“
“What?! Why did he ask you?!”
“What ‘why’? I told you!”
“If he wants to court you, he shouldn’t be asking! Let him show-off! The more manliligaw, the merrier.”

The last few words were from my brothers. Funniest conversation ever.

“Ma aynako! What if they became bf-gf then he broke up with her?!” my younger brother questioned, “Then you wouldn’t have the chance to at least punch him on his face!”
“Yeah.” Kuya Dean agreed, “We should punch him in his face!”
“I’ll not just punch him, kukulamin ko siya!”

End of conversation.

One thought on “Courtship

  1. Cute.Never had this kind of conversation with my family kasi– di kami open? And I’m the youngest and I’m shy so sinasarili ko lang lahat. Very cautious din ako to the point na walang nanliligaw sakin LOL. Di naman sa nagrereklamo, siguro gusto ko lang ma-feel yung kilig na nararamdaman ko kapag nagbabasa ako. Waaaa.


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