Only Exception

You are the craziest person I have ever known.

Five minutes before, she was telling her friends that if he would break up with her, she would accept it wholeheartedly. But when the guy said that she would not see him again when she did not arrive at his place at 7:30, she just left immediately and ran towards him.

I went with her as I saw her panic while hailing a taxi. It was already 7:28. Could she do it?

At exactly 7:30, we arrived at a shed where her guy was waiting. She inhaled and exhaled deeply as she walked towards the guy. Surprisingly, she hugged him like no one did and just whispered, “Please do not ever do that again.”

That’s it? She forgave him that easily?

The other day, I went with her again to a bookstore to buy a gift for this guy–a gift worth almost a thousand. I asked her if she was sure, and she nodded without second thoughts. Why the hell can’t you leave a little love and time for yourself like what you are giving him?

When the love birds met, the place went light to lighter. But after a few minutes, it went back to light again to an even darker place. What happened? I think they had a misunderstanding. Both of them started not to talk as if they never knew each other.

She was holding back her tears, but she still had the strength to hold the guy’s hand. She was holding him as she accompanied him to his house. Seriously? Are you the one courting him?

With his parents she left their house. She did not know what to do. She was crying… crying all the way to her house…

The next day I thought they were already okay. There was an instance where she thought the guy was just sleeping, but he was actually waiting for her to talk to him. After several minutes, he left. I told her not to worry, but obviously she was. She smiled and continued to practice; But I knew behind those smiles were worry and sadness.

The guy arrived, but she still had a meeting to attend to. He was already whispering curses to her, but she can do nothing but to cry backwards.

Soon after, the guy left. Stupidly (yes, stupidly), she went after him. Weeping, she accepted all the curse and foul words the guy shouted at him. She could not breathe; she was palpitating. She wanted a hug so bad, but she could receive it to the person she holds dear.

I heard them fight inside the bus because she could no longer take it. But this guy stepped out the bus first, leaving her. He continued to walk as she was just at the back of him. For every stop, she seemed to be dying. I told her not to go near him anymore. Do not go near him. Love yourself. Have some pride!

She did, until we arrived at a church.

There, she told me she could not continue this anymore.

She went inside the church and prayed for guidance and strength to handle the situation. After, she went to the guy; put out a large box out of her bag and said, “I can no longer do this.”

I saw him held her arm for the last time but she ignored it. She walked towards the terminal as she cried. What else can she do? The guy flooded her inbox with messages, told her “Isn’t it obvious I wanted you by my side?”

She replied, “Isn’t it obvious I am ending this now?”

And the guy did not reply after that.

I felt anger for the guy, but I was surprised by what she said. “I love him. I do. And at this moment, I still do.”

After several minutes, the guy sent her a message–a message that made her cry inside the vehicle. She already knew that the guy had read her letter, a letter wherein she told him how much she loved him, and how much she would want to have him forever.

Crying, she went to sleep.

Then next day, they talked and confronted each other. She cried, and he also did. But what I didn’t understand was…

She forgave him.

Is it really like that? When you love, no matter how big the fault is, no matter how it degraded you, you would still forgive like nothing happened?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she is the only exception.

What are your thoughts?

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