January Twenty Eight

“Bakit ka ba malungkot?” (Why are you sad?)

He was crying as he asked me. Depressed, I frowned; he had no idea what I had for him that day, and it was ruined by a taxi driver who drove from a point back to that point again hence wasting our time.

Things became better afterwards. Thanks to space and time.

I was still nervous as I looked at his phone, scared that he would open his phone resulting to failure of plan. We were eating chicken and fries when his phone rang.

The time was 5:48 PM. Everybody who had read my novel would know why the time was special.

I smiled when he saw the calendar note. Sinasagot na kita. (Yes, I can now be your girlfriend.)

Smiling, he went back to me. He had no more words to say and I could even notice his speechlessness and shock. I gave him a smile since I knew then that even without that note, he knew I love him.

“Weh.” (Really?)
“Ang cute mo. Nakakatawa reaksyon mo.” (You and your reaction are so cute.)

Reason? Tomorrow is his birthday–a reason why I chose the date. Basically, he’s the type of person who wouldn’t really like to celebrate his birthday. On the other hand, I would want to see him happy on the day before his birthday. Though, I’m still surprised by God’s little surprises.

January 28, 2010. Our organization held an alternative classroom learning experience held at our college. I was suprisingly happy when a freshman signed up named ‘James Arellano’ (having freshmen in any of our organization’s events is actually a big deal for us then). I remember myself saying, “Ang galing, may isa pa palang freshie na James?” (Wow, I didn’t know there was another freshman names ‘James’.)

January 28, 2011. The day where we were partners during an Educ 190 activity. It was my first time to interact with him, and I was really happy whenever I made him smile since he was a very quiet. After five days, I learned that his birthday was the day after our activity. Knowing that, I laughed and told him with a pat, “Weh?! Birthday mo nung Sabado? Eh magkasama lang tayo nung Friday! Bakit di mo sinabi?” (Really? Your birthday was last Saturday? But we were together last Friday! Why didn’t you tell me?)


January 28, 2012… 2013… 2014…

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