Actress’ Cut

And then the instrumental goes… tentenenenenen

No, I will never forget what you’ve done to me whether they made me a better person or they made me a product of the rebellious generation you were talking about. But no, I am not. I believe, I am a part of the generation thirsty for your care, who vomits comparison and pressure. We need understanding, not your closed mindedness. And maybe, I am already closed minded. Forgiveness comes in time, or maybe through being a better parent to my children.

Forget me not, I was once a part of you. Forget you not, you were once a part of me. You’ve told me you have moved on, and pride came as easy as that. But, I still want you to know–I am trying so hard to control the sparkle in my eyes whenever I remember that day…

Pride? Arrogance? I am nothing but a piece of blank paper.

What are your thoughts?

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