Dearest James Peter

Dear James Peter,

I love the way you stare at me. Other people do not care. Why should they? Yours are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Cold yet warm. One whose stare would kill a million for the woman he loves. That’s how I see it. I cannot understand why people do not notice it, or maybe it is only I who could see the love in your eyes; the only one who could see how cute they are when you ask me a favor.

Only I. Because I, among all, know you.

Yours are the only eyes that I want to look at. Eyes that I fall in love with every day. I’m not really a person who would broadcast in your page about how much I love you, I’m not even the girl who would call you “baby” “babe” “love” etcetera. As I always say, I am happy every time I mention your name because until now, I cannot believe that someone like you would love me the way you do.

Okay? I love you, so please do not say that your eyes are scary. Those eyes would be inherited by our dearest children. I miss you so much.



What are your thoughts?

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