Thursday Marks My Weekend

My classes are held during Tuesdays and Thursdays, 14 units all in all. But even if I have a few load, I still need to put my best in every day–the reason for my sleepless Mondays and Wednesdays just to prepare a script. I firmly believe that college students have the right to have a fun Math subject.

In my first two days of teaching, I was satisfied. My students were really very cooperative and funny at the same time. The funny thing was, my major is Secondary Education yet I had my practicum in Elementary and the application on Tertiary.

I said yes to this because I need to get a job, but still in line with my profession. Teaching is a lot of fun, and learning again is a lot more fun. A while ago, the HR officer said that she was going to enroll me to the biometrics. As I took a seat, she asked me if I already knew my rate.

“Not yet.” I said.

Surprised, she asked, “When did you teach?”

I replied, “Last Tuesday.”

I smiled after the guy beside him said, “Yan ang guro. Nagtuturo na kahit di pa alam ang sweldo.” (That’s what we call a teacher; one who teaches without knowing the salary.)

I cannot help but to be proud of myself . I was really flattered and was more motivated. Then, a student came to me and asked, “Are you Ms. Peach?” (Peach was the pen name I used in writing several romantic novels in Wattpad.)

Another funny scene that happened last Thursday was when I asked a certain student if he was a polar bear since he was not feeling cold at all whereas many of us were almost freezing. And he just replied Bakit?! (Why?!) in boy pick-up’s tone.

Just a little sharing, and I hope I didn’t drain you. Excited for next week!

What are your thoughts?

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