Almost the Last Blog in Multiply

It was a big issue for me.

After I saw that Friendster made no sense anymore (since I had given all my classmates testimonials and soon enough the testimonials became mere comments), I made an account here in multiply with a username of friendlyeverything. It was more of an emo-ish type of blog war where I told all my guilt etc.

So I deleted it and made another account peachxvision. Though, when I was already in college I wanted it to be more formal and my username didn’t really sound formal at all. All the blogs in it was nonsense too so I deleted it without hesitation.

Poof. I had this ‘perfect’ account already that I updated every time amidst the criticism that I was being old-fashioned though I beg to disagree. Multiply’s the best website I’ve had so far.

It’s not really a social networking site. It’s like sharing a private part of your life to the public. In Facebook, you post pictures and statuses where you wait for someone to like or comment. Same in Tumblr, you wait for someone to reblog them. But in multiply, you don’t really care if someone comments, although you would appreciate if someone does. There’s no ‘like’ button either so you can’t tell if someone likes your post or not. And if your site is ‘for everyone’, you cannot really see who viewed your post if they are not logged on to the site.

What you only care about is that you post what’s inside you and let it all out.

Multiply is the only website where there is an organized compilation of my thoughts. In Facebook, my statuses would be covered by another. After two years or so, it would be hard to find that specific status already. My page would be full of comments of other people–another reason why it would be harder to search for it. Not to mention my albums for videos, pictures and my blogs.

I know, again, it would always be a matter of individual differences. That is how they think, this is how I think.

Maybe it’s just hard to let go.

What are your thoughts?

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