This is for a Friend

“If one friend was hurt by another, there would always be a need to consult both parties.”

But in this case, I am taking a side.

It has been a long time ever since I talked to the both of you about your plans with and for each other. From our conversations, I learned that both of you were willing to wait, but I did not expect that one of you would have another perspective of waiting.

No one likes waiting. Who wants their time to be wasted anyway?

For you who waited, I know your suffering, and I know you wouldn’t like anyone to broadcast how hurt your are now.  And for that, I apologize for contributing to your pain.

I know that you are a strong woman, one with a wall of pride that does not easily break and fall. You told me that you would not make him approach you that easily, so please do that not just for yourself, but for others who share your experience as well. You showed him that he was worth it, and I know you’ve tried so hard. Worse, I saw how you fell in love. Overwhelmed by the thought of you, a fragile maiden, falling in love with someone made me want to contribute somehow to your story.

But, I think it’s time to let go.

For you who made her wait, thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with me. But I knew you knew that your decisions were unclear to me; though I respected all of them. Thank you for making her happy most of the days, days that only you could make her smile.

I know that you are intelligent to make the right decisions that would lead you to make the right actions. But sir, I barely understand why you think whether or not you still like her. I mean, I would understand if you had given yourself time to think how to say that you either like her or you like her no more. But my dear sir, your question was different.

Why do you question your feelings?

If your feelings are still mutual, then say it.

If not, then better hurt her feelings now, and let her move on. Rather than leave her clueless, and hurt her for a longer time.

What are your thoughts?

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