The Fool. The Judgment. The Lovers. The World.

My tutee and I were discussing about the scene 4 of act 1 of Shakespeare’s Macbeth which narrated how the witches foretold his future. She was told to make a journal about it so I corrected her grammar as she typed, and added ideas at the same time. One of my ideas in this act was “do not depend on what others tell you because you are the one to decide because it is your life in the first place” or something like that. With this she told me that she could actually do fortune telling using tarot cards.

Before that, I would just like to share how amazing and cute her tarot cards were. The cards had bunnies instead of scary people like those in the original set. Teehee.

Anyway, so she made me think of my partner in life as I picked four cards. The first one that I picked was “The Fool” (past), the second was “The Judgment” (present), the third was “The Lovers” (future) and the last one was “The World” (helping card). She interpreted that I did not have a good past; I was only faking the relationship in a way that I thought it was ‘real love’ but it wasn’t. In this present time, she said that my judgments led me to where I am now.

I was happy when she said I made the right judgment since she saw a good future by the card that represented my future–which was my beloved. I was even happier when she told me that it was her first time to have someone whose future card was ‘The Lovers’.

On the other hand, the helping card represented the best that could help me through getting the right future. I was like, really, THE WORLD?! So does that mean everyone agrees with US?

Although I’m not really a fan of fortune telling, I was glad that I was her first ‘customer’ who got ‘The Lovers’ for the future card. Does it mean that we are really meant to be? Who knows? Unfortunately, there are no witches around whom I can really consult to. It is only fate that I can hold to.

What are your thoughts?

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