Bill Bill

Even if I were an anti-RH bill advocate, if anyone in the congress would mention that “RH bill is bad” because “God says no” or any argument that only their religion would understand, I would get disappointed. Could they not take note that not all people in the Philippines have a religion; that if they would argue with accordance to the bible, others would question them?

Though I know that, it is too biased to quote only one line of a person in the congress. In one viral picture in facebook “Ten Worst Reasons Why They Voted ‘No’ in the RH Bill”, only one line was quoted. It was biased in a way that they were publicizing the wrong part and deleting the rest; hence omitting the few good ones. There was actually a congressman who mentioned about the advantages of having this number of people in our country, which I think was more appropriate than mentioning other beliefs that are biased to one religion.

But I think, the problem is not about the bill. The bill has actually many benefits especially to women if you have read it. It is why people wanted to pass the bill. Why do people want to pass the bill?

Our country has this “unhealthy” overpopulation. Many families leave their provinces and find jobs in the cities. When they found none or a job which has low pay, some would resort to informal settling. Afterwards, they would create a family of this own. Without proper education and knowledge in family planning, how would these people be guided?

Though, I would really disagree to people who would say ‘yes’ to it because of the reason that we are facing a “modernized generation”. What the hell do they mean by modernized generation? Is it right to say that it is already the 21st century so premarital sex is okay? Is it right to say that having sex to only one person (in the case of religions practicing monogamy) is already nineteen kopong-kopong as they would say? Is it right to say that contraceptives are useful especially when having intercourse for fun? What do they mean by that?

I really wonder what this bill would do the my country if this was passed (or was it passed already?) There are so many things that I think are more important to discuss like education and poverty, but I do really wonder if this bill would solve the bigger problems that my beloved country faces. I hope that it would do more good than worse. I really do hope so.

What are your thoughts?

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