On Her Own

“Without me, his world would go on turning–a world that’s full of happiness that I have never known.”

It was high school when I first heard  Lea Salonga’s version of ‘On My Own’ and indeed I was captured by the sadness of its lyrics. I remember downloading and putting it in my playlist. Though I already had a glimpse of the first film and watched the two musicals of Les Miserables in broadway, I still looked forward to watching the latest film just because I wanted to hear Eponine sing that song. It was the best song for me in the film.

“Every word he says is a dagger in me.”

Warning: If you have not yet watched Les Miserables, better not read the next sentences.

Even though she knew that he would never love her, she continued to be his friend… she continued to love him. What else could be the greatest measure of love than sacrificing your own life?

“…I believe I was a little in love with you.”

Eponine’s role made her gain more admirers than Cosette. Besides many could relate to her, her story is more dramatic and tragic that people actually feel pity for her, hence admiring her. Though do not get me wrong, Les Miserables is Les Miserables. I would never want another ending for this novel.

What are your thoughts?

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