A Hundred Things About Me

Since someone said that I was that secretive and confidential… I decided to make a list.

  1. Him above all.
  2. I like enumerating things about me because I, too, am amazed with who I am.
  3. My future husband’s name has initials JPZA.
  4. If I were asked if I have a ‘favorite’ person besides JPZA, he’s none other than my little brother.
  5. My name means ‘blessed and gracious Jasmin flower’.
  6. Please do not call me Maria.
  7. My birthday is celebrated together with valentines day.
  8. They say I’m petite. I say I’m four feet and eleven inches.
  9. My love language is time.
  10. I am an auditory ‘talker’ type learner.
  11. I limit what I say or I stay quiet when I get mad or frustrated.
  12. My favorite color is peach; somehow a combination of pink, orange and white.
  13. My favorite number is 24, or 8.
  14. I was born to be a mathematics teacher.
  15. I decided to be a teacher when I was still in kindergarten because of the reason that I wanted to make flash cards some day.
  16. My favorite teacher’s name is Ms. Hannah Cruz, my teacher in mathematics during my fourth grade.
  17. Obsessive compulsive.
  18. I plan super ahead of time. Days, months… sometimes even years.
  19. I say thank you and sorry even when they are not that necessary to say.
  20. My learning curve is relatively high especially when I really want to learn it.
  21. I have BDD.
  22. Surprise me!
  23. Workaholic.
  24. Bulimic. Not anymore. 
  25. A little gullible.
  26. I usually envy slender women.
  27. I am a thrifty impulsive buyer, if such exists.
  28. Do not ever get frustrated with your grades in front of me especially if it is a 2.25 higher.
  29. Answer me straight especially when it comes to time and place. I do not like the following: (1) Asan ka na? vs. Malapit na ako. (2) Anong oras tayo magkikita? vs. Pagkatapos ng tanghalian.
  30. Do not ever throw any thing to a person or to a place when I am in between you and that person or place. Respect my personal space.
  31. Once upon a time, I get weak when my pinky finger is touched.
  32. My largest mole is on my right shoulder.
  33. I was very addicted to anime when I was in elementary. I even had this telephone that connects to the anime world.
  34. I never go to school without a jacket on when I was in elementary. I was scared that someone would call me ‘balbon‘.
  35. Have you seen my scars on my left arm? Those were products of anger and depression.
  36. When I was in first year college, my identity was associated with headbands with large ribbons.
  37. All vegetables except ingredients of chopsuey.
  38. I buy things in black so they won’t get (and look) dirty easily.
  39. I played drums when our band joined the battle of the bands way back in high school.
  40. I love answering surveys.
  41. My first puppy crush lasted for six years, and so is a guy whom I loved but did not love me back.
  42. I was a lesbian.
  43. I had a girlfriend.
  44. I get attracted to guys who are musically inclined and/or loves rock music and are thoughtful. I usually do not look at the physical attributes first. Though, one with chinky eyes is a bonus.
  45. No to reptiles! No to lizards!
  46. No to clowns! No to Grimace!
  47. Acrophobic.
  48. I have a fear of manholes.
  49. I have a slight fear of beaches and pools.
  50. Never take me to the dark.
  51. Never leave me alone in the dark.
  52. I do not like spicy foods.
  53. I started writing when I was in elementary. My first story was about me, going to the anime world, Fushigi Yuugi type.
  54. Though, I started writing romantic novels when I was in fourth year high school. I was inspired by a candymag online writer, Shrewshrew.
  55. I stopped writing my first romantic novel since the guy there was so perfect.
  56. My novels were inspired by my real life situations. Though, they are not sequential. Some of the parts were products of my imagination.
  57. I compose songs mostly about my one-sided love.
  58. I like blogging.
  59. The only local actresses that I like are G. De Castro and E. Domingo.
  60. My favorite book is The Little Prince.
  61. The Avengers is my favorite movie.
  62. I love horror and gory movies.
  63. Not a fan of drama.
  64. My favorite animal is the swan. It kills itself when he or she founds his or her love with another.
  65. Ice cream is love.
  66. First option will always be cookies and cream.
  67. Coffee keeps me alive.
  68. KFC or Jollibee.
  69. I love dancing more than singing.
  70. Guitarist.
  71. I know one piano piece: River Flows in You by Yiruma.
  72. My favorite song is The Only One by my favorite band The Material.
  73. I love bands with a female vocalist.
  74. OPM rock is love.
  75. Ribbons and lacey clothes.
  76. Dolls and manikins are love.
  77. Image and video editor.
  78. I love to make PowerPoint presentations.
  79. I am fascinated by what Microsoft Excel can do.
  80. I draw.
  81. Basketball is my sport.
  82. I love my eyes.
  83. I do not know how to ride a bike so please teach me how.
  84. I want to have a band where I am the vocalist.
  85. Frustrated short film director.
  86. Frustrated photographer.
  87. I wanted to be a cashier when I was a kid.
  88. I am allergic to shrimps and crabs.
  89. A great stalker.
  90. I want to take up interior designing.
  91. I went to Korea when I was in fourth year high school.
  92. Once upon a time, I almost risked my life just to catch my hundred peso bill in the air.
  93. I only wore shorts outside the house less than ten times in my whole life.
  94. I never wear dresses without stockings.
  95. Give me a pomsky please.
  96. Instead of 18 dances and roses, I preferred 18 hugs and kisses during my 18th birthday.
  97. The santan flower is my favorite. People do not rarely see the beauty of this often-seen flower.
  98. I like to smile.
  99. Hugs. I love hugs.

I left the 100th blank on purpose since (1) I cannot think of a very climactic thing about me (2) I feel that I will be living longer so I’d rather add something to these than limit myself to a hundred.

3 thoughts on “A Hundred Things About Me

  1. 15 – ang cute! XD
    29 – sabi ng Prof ko dapat daw talaga ang math majors ay exact sumagot XD
    41 – D:
    44. Hala bet ko rin mga talented sa music! Kaso more on mellow songs ako kasi feeler ako eh. Ini-imagine kong kinakantahan nila ako tas kikiligin naman ako . . . luh. HAHAHA. Hindi naman ako mahilig sa rock music pero!!! gustong-gusto ko talaga One OK Rock huhu. Share ko lang po XD
    45 – NO TO REPTILES!
    53 – OMG! Miaka? Izdatchu? XD
    60 – “If I try to describe him here, it is to make sure that I shall not forget him. To forget a friend is sad. Not everyone has a friend. And if I forget him, I may become like the grown-ups who are no longer interested in anything but figures.” ♥
    67 – Coffee is life
    71 – Yiruma!!!!
    83 – Taga shampoo ko na po si Aiden so si Kai na lang magtuturo sayo, Ate XD (Hindi rin ako marunong!!!!)
    87 – Gusto ko maging teller kasi gusto ko magbilang ng piso piso sa bangko lol
    88 – Hala ako na lang kakain!!!!!
    92 – Parang yung movie ni Juday at Papa P (ata??) Kinukuha ni Juday yung pera n’yang sumabit sa kable ng kuryente (?) sa may tulay tas akala ni Piolo magpapakamatay s’ya! XD
    97- Pumipitas ako ng santan ng kapitbahay namin dati tas sinisipsip ko. Tamis kasi eh tas sinabi sakin naiihian daw yun ng aso. Simula nun, kinalimutan ko na lahat ng bulaklak.
    98 – :)
    99 – (っ・∀・)っ



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