Tempus Contra Opus

I am a workaholic and a perfectionist, and those alone would make me a good follower, I guess. I do not know how to say no when you give me something to work on especially when we are not that close. And well, yeah, a way to know that we have a relationship near friendship is when you set rules and I will suggest or comment on it or give me something to work on and I will reply ‘I’ll think about it.’ or ‘I’m sorry I’m quite busy.’

So… I’ll get to the point. I am pissed with someone that I would name exultantis. Everything was fine before. He gave me a curriculum to type, lesson plans to revise, papers to photocopy, certificates and layout of programs to make etcetera. Those were okay since I was being paid during the days I was given the tasks even though they weren’t my job.

The first time I got pissed was when he told me to go to the office during Christmas vacation. Seriously… Why was even ‘vacation’ in the dictionary? Only when I found out that all of those were tasks that he should be doing. I thought of it positively, maybe he needed some help. But when he told me when the deadline was, I doubted my consideration. Worse, I found out that the task was given to him two months before. Why the hell is he asking me to do it a day before the deadline?

It would be fine if he gave the task to me weeks before the deadline. As I have said, I am a workaholic and I do not care if he would give me a hundred tasks, just give me sufficient time.

And today, I was surprised when he gave me another task: to check all the lesson plans of my co-workers. Again, the task was fine but the damn deadline is on Monday and I have 63 lp’s to check. If you would ask me why I didn’t say no, well, he was telling it to me while he was going out of the room for a meeting like I had no choice.

Money is no issue. I mean, it may be an issue, but it does not trigger the bullet. What really makes me furious is giving me not enough time to finish tasks.

Maybe I need a seminar on how to say no to your boss. And maybe, he needs time management + examination making + being a good leader talk.

What are your thoughts?

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