The Meantime People

There are two versions of this; one is the ‘meantime girl’ which had a nicely written ending, and the other one is the ‘meantime boy’ which actually seemed another version of the former, only in a girl’s perspective. If you have not yet read them, I have the links: Meantime Boy meets Meantime Girl (there are other versions, but I prefer these). I like the meantime boy version more since it contains more substance in my opinion, and the fact that it ended the way it had to be was satisfying.

I would not call anyone a ‘meantime person’ because it is just way too rude, though we know it is half-true. In reality, and I know all those who experienced this know this, we call them ‘best friend’ or ‘the opposite-sex you’. Sometimes, they are even granted with the label of a parent, or one of your I-wish-you-were-my-sibling names.

Well in fact, I had been there one point in my life. Honestly whenever I think about it, I would have mixed emotions; but happier, I guess.

Let us kind of reverse your story.

How did this ‘meantime’ relationship start? Admit it, it was because of you. Either you were experiencing a passive or active family problem–a reason why you call her your mommy or your twin/sister–or just because you were so confused and unhappy of what you were so you sought for someone whom you could tell your issues–a reason why you call her your soulmate/best friend/your other half.

You told everything to her from the songs you make, your crazy impossible dreams, and would even point out people you had a crush on and so was her. You didn’t care if you posted ‘I love you’ on her wall, just because you knew it meant nothing to her. You were so comfortable with her that you became confused if you had something.

Everything was perfect… except for the fact that she sees you as ohana… as a friend.

Still, you tried your best to hold your feelings since she was already “taken by heart”. And why would you ruin your seemingly blood compact? Finding someone who is almost-like-you is one of the rarest events of your life, why take the risk of saying you love her? At the end of the day, you kept things to yourself and promise to take your feelings to your grave.

You knew you were not physically attractive; you were kind of a just-go-as-you-will person unlike her groom-wanna-be’s which were more like the mestizo-macho-cool type. You could not compete with them with that look, so you decided to change yourself. But the time you already did, he found his better half–yes, better than you.

Happily, you embraced and congratulated her; even joked that you would be the maid of honor in her wedding. In all honesty, you were really glad it happened to trigger the end of your so called “martyrdom”. Although you were happy about it, you were still carrying the question that no one would answer the way you wanted it to be answered: Why not me?

Everybody would comfort you and tell you that she was not worth it, but you knew she was. It took you a year or more to let go of the question, but you were still traumatized of finding someone almost-like-you, of falling in love, and letting her go because you need to. You said to yourself that you needed something to work on, or someone impossible to reach for inspiration.

Every time you would talk to someone about this, you would suddenly miss the feeling of her being in front of you. So you tried to talk to her, but she was just way to busy. You thought it was unfair, but then took it back and said it was not. All of these were your fault after all.

And then someone so quiet in your class sat beside you, and decided to talk to her about your story since you knew she would not react; you knew she would just listen. That’s the way you wanted it to be. 

Afterwards, you realized that both of you were once ‘meantime people’. You have forgotten the question and the fear, and transformed the experience in a positive way. You found a best friend, a sister and yourself in  your very reserved classmate, an event you did not see.

Your story was rewritten and retold. Though by this time, everything is mutual; and… you are happier.

What are your thoughts?

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