Sparks for the Week

Okay class! Bigyan natin ang ating mga sarili ng isang fireworks clap! 1, 2, 3 go! *clap* psh *clap* psh *clap* psh *clap* psh *clap* psh psh psh psh BOOM!

1. A student who frequently misbehaves for the FIRST TIME apologizes to you with a smile on his face saying, Teacher, sorry po kung lumabas ako kanina. I cannot help but say, Basta sa susunod, magpaalam okay? After I replied a smile, he smiled back at me again.

2. An emergent reader who got the lesson about expanded form told his other classmate, Halika, turuan kita.

3. It was my first time to wear the Tuesday uniform. One of my students ran to me and said, Teacher, ang ganda mo naman po.

4. When they sang, Madali lang ang math, madali pag si Teacher Jessa.

5. Four of your students wrote a letter saying, Teacher, wag kayo aalis kundi aalis din kami. and Teacher, wag ka na po magalit kasi masaya po kami sayo. Siguro masaya din yung ibang section na tinuturuan niyo.

Class! Yes! Class class? Yes yes? Class class class! Yes yes yes!

6. Students who ask me, Ma’am anak mo din kami? and I tell them, Oo, anak ko kayo. Di ko kayo sasaktan.

7. A student who went to me and said favorite subject ko na ang math!

8. 75%++ in class got 75% in my lesson level assessment!

9. My emergent readers telling me, Ma’am diba tuturuan mo kami magbasa ngayon? and after teaching them m, s, l, t, h + a tried to read some of the words in class with those letters.

Goodbye class! Goodbye teacher Jessa! Goodbye classmates! See you on Monday! No Late! No Absent!

What are your thoughts?

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