No Time for Thy Self

What is the result when your mind says, “Hey! It’s a long weekend!” and your body says, “Hey! You have a lot to do!”? The answer is an unproductive day. Surprisingly, what my body says should be the one that my mind should be thinking (do you get that?). I think I really have a problem with working relentlessly.

My only time for myself is when I drink coffee WHILE working. A lot of times, I go to my bed, lie down and wake up the next day panicking and swearing that I won’t do that again. I could not even write novels anymore, a thing that I love to do. I could not even hold my guitar anymore to sing my favorite songs.

And now, even blogging and venting “waste” my time. No time to rant. No time for good times.

Some say, the secret to this is time management. I believe that too, so I do manage my time. Looking at my schedule, I have 14 hours of working and 10 hours of resting. This includes sleeping, eating and journey to my work place and my home (which is not a rest at all).

Imagine, I do not finish all paper works so the rest is being carried the next day.

At the end of the day, I would just say, ginusto ko to eh.

It’s hard to be a grown-up. I want to be a child again.

What are your thoughts?

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