Yesterday, James and I went to a date. I wanted to treat myself from editing exams and singing as a part of CES choir. After eating at our favorite fastfood restaurant, KFC, we went straight to watch Gravity. I remember myself saying, “Walang magandang movie. Ito na lang, si Sandra Bullock eh.”

Oh god, I just ate my words while watching the movie. The first picture made me want to vomit; for a fact, I could not take high places, how much more if I were in space looking down at Earth?

I thought the movie would be more of “Core” or “2013” type, something like a number of people dying. I was a bit surprised by the first thirty minutes of the movie, and made me tell that this movie was different from the sci-fi thriller movies I watched. To all fairness, the movie was quite accurate. There was no sound of explosion, and all we heard were actually the voices of the astronauts over the mic.

Sandra Bullock’s breathing made me almost hyperventilate. Damn it.

I wonder if there were actual astronauts who got lost in space (that would be terrible), or if astronauts’ lives  are at risk because of satellite debris? As I’ve researched, there were only three astronauts who died in space, not because of launching but because their shuttle depressurized.

My favorite scene was when Sandra Bullock knew she would die. I could not remember the quote, but it’s more of she’s glad that she knows she’s going to die on that day, but knowing that she’ll die any time on that day scares her. Knowing that death will come on a particular day but not knowing what time (and even knowing when) is frightening.

But I think, getting lost in space and dying there alone is much more horrifying.

What are your thoughts?

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