Ideal Death

The truth is, I am not yet ready to die.

Well, who is anyway?

So I am thinking about unpreparedness for my own death at 3:32 in the morning. Nah, it isn’t random. I just saw the news about the earthquake in Bohol and to be honest, I felt more scared than ever. I don’t want to sleep; not at all. It feels like an earthquake would strike soon, and I don’t want to die in my sleep.


If I could only talk to Hades or whoever gets the soul of the departed or whatever, I would tell this, “I want to die at the age of 95 while sleeping beside my beloved. No pain. Just get my soul out of my body and let me experience heaven, or even nothing! Let’s get things done!” F’you ideal death.

I’m not yet done with my papers, and I’m thinking of this.

And being an OC person, it’s really frustrating when death comes and it’s not even in my schedule!

Now I’m blabbing stupid stuff because I could not sleep, and I am not in the right mind anymore and this is a run-on sentence. Cut that out. I do not even know if my grammar’s still correct. No consistency for every paragraph. I deserve a grade of F.

What are your thoughts?

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