The Mindset I Wish I Only Had

Right now I am half-way done in checking my students’ periodical exams in mathematics. Sadly, not one has passed yet. As an Education graduate with a major in mathematics, I feel like being burned upside down as I check their papers. Worse is, I am a co-creator of the exam.

But in every event, there are choices.

One is, “I did my best, why could they not get it? I explained everything well. What’s their problem? Or maybe it’s the exam? The language? I paid more than the budget of 2.5K for their worksheets. What is wrong? I feel so unappreciated. I MUST COMPLAIN.”

Another is, “I am so ineffective. I must die right now. I am doing everything wrong. I was not able to teach at my fullest. I should have given my all. I should have not slept that night. I should have photocopied everything for them. The exam seems easy, so it is really I to blame. Some students of my co-workers got it perfect. It really must be me. It’s only me. I MUST SULK.”

And the last one is, “Okay, this should be a lesson. I would give my best-er next time. Yes, I got more to give. And I know that they should have something more to give. We can do this. I MUST LEARN CONSTANTLY.”

Which one do you think I chose?

Truth is, I went through everything. However, the one that lasted was the last one I mentioned.

“Passion is why we keep on improving ourselves.”

I love teaching, and I will never give this up for anything else.

Sigh for a while, then smile afterwards. Really. It’s all in the mindset. It should be.

What are your thoughts?

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