Visit Number 14

His name is Hanip. Hanip Ampaso.

Hanip is also one of my Muslim students. Honestly I had a hard time to you know, let him sit for a minute and remind him of our procedure every single time. On the other note, he’s one of the students who have a relatively high grade.

It was a 30-second walk from Jemil’s house, a reason why I decided to combine those two visits. Well actually, they wanted me to visit them at the same time.

There were a lot of people inside, and yes, I mean a lot. In a roof there were around more than five families, one of them was Hanip’s. Each room contained one family.

The place was moist, and the paths that led me to each room were so narrow that I had to go a little sideways.

I saw a woman doing her laundry, one family watched television on a very small room around 4 ft by 6 ft in area; others went outside to see me. A woman asked me, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?”

So I answered, “Bibistahin ko lang ho si Hanip.”

And so I went.

Hanip and Jemil entered first then I was next. I saw Hanip’s mother carrying a child as she put it down to talk to me.

“Kamusta ho kayo ma’am?”
“Ay ito okay lang, walang trabaho.”

That moment she said it, I looked at Hanip. Hanip had been the student who carried more than Php 50 in his hands.

“Ilan po sila?”
“Tatlo lang ho. Itong dalawa di po nag-aaral.”
“Ah, panganay po pala si Hanip.”
“Opo. Siya po nagtuturo sa mga kapatid niya.”

I looked at him and raised my thumb. “Very good.”

We talked more especially on Hanip’s attitude in class. I was a little bit bothered because she didn’t seem to bother as she kept on nodding to what I said…

Could I do something about it? Well, apparently I still had to learn more about convincing someone to change perspective, but I guess it would be nice if it would come from them.

I then saw Jemil went out, and when he returned to Hanip, he was holding the English book. “Ui basahin na natin ito.”

I smiled.

I glanced as they went outside to go to Mosib’s room (one of Teacher Gian’s students). I didn’t know what they did there, but I was glad that they were aware of the assignment.

As her mother mentioned, Hanip would actually read a lot then play after at home.

I exited their territory (some of the students call it Musliman) after talking to Hanip’s mother. I suddenly felt the chills when I realized that eyes were on me by the time I passed by them.

“Aral mabuti,” I told Jemil and Hanip. “Hanggang dito na lang ako.”

Student number 14, check.

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