Visit Number 16

His name is Llyod. John Llyod Baun.

Yes by the way, the ‘y’ is really before the ‘o’.

He marked to me as a student who would keep askign questions even if I already answered them (and of course I usually get pissed). There wouldn’t be a day wherein I’d tell him to sit on his seat.

To cut it short, he’s a challenge.

He’s smart, I know that. But the problem was he could not resist playing inside the classroom even the lesson has started.

“Bibisitahin kita ngayon.” I told him.

“Wag teacher!” He shouted, “Ayoko teacher! Papagalitan ako ni mama!”
“Kakausapin ko ang mama mo.”

He was actually on his 4th warning when we had that conversation. I told myself that maybe, it was time to visit him.

Several of my students went with me. It was a long travel, but it wasn’t tiring. We traveled narrow and dark eskinitas, in which I doubted to pass.

These eskinitas are the paths I see in horror or gore movies, I thought.

Her mother, uncle and aunt were there. They were surprised that I visited.

I sat down as my other students waited outside. Llyod grabbed his shirt and shorts, then I realized he was not wearing unders.

Was that too much info? Nope. I actually thought that that was relevant. Sigh. If only I were a billionaire. But anyway, never mind that…

“Ma’am pasensya na ho ha,” his mother started. “Ilang beses ko na nga ho yan sinasabihan na dito na maglaro sa bahay para wag na maglaro.”

I agreed to it. “Oo nga po. Dati nga ho top 7 yan.”

“Oo nga tuwang-tuwa po ako nung nag top 7 yan! Ito kasi!” She looked at Llyod with stern eyes. “Narinig mo sabi ng teacher mo? Dapat kasi nag-aaral ka.”

Well I was glad that she had dreams for Llyod. If only Llyod would actually get to that dream as well…

Our conversation focused on how Llyod fell from the top list. I told her he was still in the top 15 list, but of course it would be better if he stayed on top 10.

“Pero higit po doon,” I told her, “Mas maganda ho sana kung pati ugali niya nasa top din.” I smiled, and she agreed.

Llyod, his mother and my two other students guided me to the highway where I could ride the jeep to philcoa. I bade them good-bye.

“Magpakabait bukas, at mag-aral ng mabuti.” I told him.

Student number 16, check.

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