Why My Pens

Hello there.

I hope you found happiness in my pens and pencils. To be quite honest, I was sad that you had to steal it. I would have been thankful if it was just the money for the soup, but why even my pens?

My students had not yet taken their recess then, and the usual routine was to bring my scissors and pencil out. POOF my pencil case was gone. On second thought maybe I left it somewhere so I decided to look for my pens and POOF they were gone as well. I felt stunned as the guy who carried the soup asked me what happened and that reminded me–damn, the money for the soup wasn’t there either.

Oh well. It was not a nice experience, but I learned something.

Moving forward, my students and I thought that maybe you had no pens or pencils or money to buy materials for school. They actually wanted to search for you, which was funny because they were persistent to knock you off even if they didn’t know where to start. Well, sorry for that. I told them it was wrong to steal, but it was wrong to knock someone off as well. I told them to calm down and understand and pray for you whoever you were.

Whatever the reason was, please do not do it again. Maybe, leave a note on my desk and ask me for a pen. I’d gladly leave the window open and share you some pencils I have here. Really, I would have understood if it was just the money… but the pens…

Did you badly need it?

Sigh. I was thinking that I needed them as well, but maybe you needed them more.

My students had a hard time moving on since they were attached to my stapler haha. Well, I did too but with my pens. Right now, I’m thinking of them. Are they being used well? Please don’t drop them or else they’d lose their ink. Friendly reminder, fella.

Thanks, no thanks, and you’re welcome.

Teacher Jessa

What are your thoughts?

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