Dear Teacher Mikko

Dear Teacher Mikko,

Seeing you teach made think of how I taught before. From there I realized that maybe, somewhere in between, I lost my passion for teaching.

Maybe I was teaching, but I was not teaching passionately.

Sigh for that.

Thank you for reminding me how. That time I felt like an undergraduate observing an expert.

My kids liked you so much that they wanted you to teach English forever haha. Truth was, that sucked, like I was real envious of you. For six months I have been thinking how to manage my class…

How to finish the test papers…

The schedules…


How to keep myself alive until Friday…

How to motivate myself to stay…

That I forgot how to teach. Teach with a soul.

For that, thank you.

My kids would really want to see you again.

Teacher Jessa

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