The Breeze of Nostalgia

I wish I could return to the day wherein
Instead of writing my thoughts in WordPress,
I’d write them on my diary.
Or keep it silent.

Instead of writing my stories in Wattpad,
I’d type it, and print it
And let my friends read it.

Instead of taking so many pictures
And stack them here in my laptop,
I’d give it the best shot
Then print all of them in Kodak.

Instead of downloading movies via torrent,
I’d save money to watch them on the big screen with somebody.

Instead of looking at other’s statuses in Facebook
While commenting a voiceless “I miss you so much!”,
I’d give them a phone call to get in touch
And hear them, “I miss you too!”

Instead of playing on my tablet,
I’d join my friends in playing patintero,
Or maybe chinese garter.
Rugby on the fields.

Instead of posting a nonsense rant in Twitter,
I’d tell it to a friend
Or keep it silent.

But somehow, internet has invaded my life.
Our lives, maybe.
Technology in general.

It really makes sense to me
That I wanted attention.

I cannot even deny the little happiness
When someone likes what I post
Or reads my post
Or comments on it.

I’m not saying that it is evil though.
Actually, it makes everything so easy…
So easy.

But the breeze
Gave me so much
That I began to wonder
What if this did not exist

I laughed
Knowing that it would be so hard to make lesson plans
Compute grades

I cried
Knowing that
I had a life before this

How could I even return to those good old days
When people who belonged there before isn’t there anymore
Because they are here…
Reading this nonsense piece of mine.

So now I conclude,
I am aging.
I miss you.

What are your thoughts?

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