My brother and I just got home from mass. I searched for our mortar and pestle to prepare for our dinner when pop said, “Sinong nakapatay ng butiking to?”

I turned back just to see him kicking a f’n DEAD lizard whose JUICE spread on the floor.

My fur went up, and I began shouting the letter A so loud and so long while running away towards our front door using the other way. It was funny how my father said wala na with such gentleness in his voice as if calming a crying little girl.

It was my fault; the lizard got stuck then I think I stepped on it. Shiz, I’m losing my appetite as I think of it! But I swear I didn’t know.  If I knew, I would have ran away from the door.

But this f’n lizard experience was not f’n done. I searched for the knife on the tray covered by a white cloth where we usually place the newly-washed dishes. And when I removed it…

I saw a f’n LIZARD STARING AT ME. As in his black round eyes were like, “Oh hi there. I’ve been waiting for hours just to scare the hell out of you.”

Again, I shouted the letter A so loud and so long, longer this time. Plus, I cried.

And then the ad on the TV was about Dinosaurs. I hate dinosaurs as much as I hate lizards since they look like gigantic lizards even if James kept saying that chickens were the ancestors of those extinct big animals. THEY STILL LOOK LIKE GIGANTIC LIZARDS TO ME.

I could clearly remember how I developed this scoliodentosaurohobia (didn’t bother to type it, copy paste).

During my second year in high school, I was reviewing with my classmates when I felt a cold touch on my legs. I thought it was just cold, but when I felt it crawled, I stood up and a lizard jumped from my leg.

Since then my encounter with lizards had been frequent. They were inside a mug wherein I was about to put water, at the back of the clock, at the back of the frame, in a wrapper I was about to throw… EVERYWHERE. Coul you imagine that I cried when my boyfriend messaged me a link of a lizard?

I’m not aware how phobias develop (and I’m too tired to google it), but mine was because of frequent surprising HORRIFYING events. Take note, I am afraid of manholes, stray dogs, snakes and very high places, but no fear of mine could be compared to my fear of lizards. People would laugh at me like, “why are you afraid of lizards? They wouldn’t hurt you!”

Well, I would oftentimes laugh at my beloved for having extreme acrophobia (it takes us 5 to 10 minutes before we can cross a bridge), and my little brother when he hysterically begs people inside the house to kill the flying cockroach. One of my orgmates has globophobia (fear of balloons), and I think my former roommate has zoophobia (fear of animals).

I don’t understand them as well HAHA, but I guess people won’t understand each other’s fears unless they are afraid of the same thing.

What are your thoughts?

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