Visit Number 21

Her name is Andria. Andria Trinchera.

Andria and I cross the same bridge every dismissal, so it’s natural for me to know her more than her classmates.

Her mom is a housewife, while her dad is a painter. When I asked her where he paints, she said a guess like “bandang Intramuros”. There are three children in the family, and like me, Andria is the middle child.

We talked inside the tricycle as she shared how her mom scolded her last night.

“Eh yun di kasi ako nagbabasa sabi ni mama ‘ayan kasi di ka nagbabasa! di ka mahilig magbasa!’ Eh nung binuklat ko na yung libro,” she continued, “Tulog na si mama, kaya natulog na din ako.”

Andria is one of my obedient students, but also one of those who I am having a hard time in checking if they really understood the lesson.

I saw how surprised her mother was when she called, “Ma anjan si teacher!”

Their room was painted with pastel yellow. Pink curtains were over the place. It seemed like I was inside a doll house.

“Ano may kasalanan ka no?” Her mom teased Andria.

“Ay hindi po talagang dinadalaw ko po sila.”
“Alam ko ho na dumadalaw kayo dati pa, pero di ko po akalain ngayon.”
“Dapat nga po nung nakaraang taon kaso hindi na po natuloy kasi mag Chri-Christmas party.”

We exchanged stories about how Andria acted inside and outside the classroom. She told me that she really had a hard time tutoring Andria in English and Math.

“Sabi ko nga dapat sa kanya hindi siya pwede mag grade 4 ng ganyan. Kaya sabi ko ipapatutor ko talaga yan next year.”

Truth is, I am really grateful that I have them as the parents of my kids. They are humble, and they NEVER blamed me about their kids’ grades. Some asked me how they could help in achieving a higher grade. Though, I still have to work on parents who never had time to help their kids because of their job, but are still concerned.

But as they say, “Una muna ang kumakalam na sikmura.”


After I said goodbye to Andria’s mother, Andria then pointed the path to the highway while she told me a story on how she protected her little sister against bullies in the school.

“Sabi ko talaga ‘ano ba kayo bat kayo nanunulak ng bata eh kung kayo kaya matulak masaya kayo?'” It was funny that I got confused somewhere in between because she said it without inhaling.

Honestly, I was thinking about vacation the whole day. But, today was a fine one.

Student number 21, check.

What are your thoughts?

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