Visit Number 34

Her name is MC. MC Dagangon.

MC is a participative kid in class, one of those who could answer my questions correctly. I could feel her dominance most of the time in group works, and this dominance would sometimes lead her to a quarrel.

“Teacher alam mo may nagbabarilan dito.”

How can the world be a safe place to live in?

“O, nakita mo?”
“Hindi, ayoko nga makakita eh. Pero dati yung kaibigan ko nakakita. Ayoko makakita. Natatakot ako.”

Her mother was there with three other kids; one was not her child though. According to MC, there were six of them.

“Kamusta ho si MC dito sa bahay?” I asked.

“Tamad!” her younger sister shouted. Her mother and I laughed of her honesty.

“Wag mo naman ibuking si ate!” their mother said. “Pero ayun nga ho ma’am. Kapag wala ako, maaasahan ko yan. Siya yang naghuhugas ng pinggan. Nga lang, kapag andito na ako, lahat inaasa sa akin.”

“Ay MC, wag ganon ha?” I told MC. “Tulungan si mama.”

She smiled at me in return.

“Oo nga po pala alam niyo ho ba na napaiyak po yan ng isang magulang dati?”
“Ha?! Anong nangyari?!”
“Eh nagaway po kasi sila noong isang kaklase nila.”
“Ay hala naman MC!”
“Pero yung totoo pagkatapos po nun bati na po sila.”

Well, kids are like that I suppose.

“Kayo lang ho dito? Sino ho yung nasa kabila?”
“Ay bale compound kasi ito. Halos buong pamilya. Yung kabilang bahay pinapaupa namin.”

I asked what her job was, but I could not remember. She told me she was in an agency that brings something to Coca-cola. Something like that. Ugh, poor memory. However what was clear to me was MC’s father was a guitarist! Oh how I love all guitarists!

“Wow! Saan po nagbabanda?”
“Kung saan saan. Kung kailan tinatawag.”

We chatted about MC’s attitude in and outside the school. I told her that MC would always be in the top 20, and that I hope she could make it to the top 10 this quarter. She missed quizzes due to absences without excuse, what more if she was present every day?

When we went out, I saw MC’s father. As far as I could remember, he got MC’s card last quarter. He looked old, around late 50’s compared to MC’s mother who looked like in her early 30’s. AND OKAY YES AS ROMANCE NOVELIST, I was really intrigued by their love story.

“Paano po kayo nagkita?”
“Iyon isang beses tumutugtog siya. Alam mo yung isa lang ako sa mga nanonood.”

OMG can I just say that I could imagine their younger years? Kilig.

“Alam niyo nga ma’am kaya gusto niya ipasok si MC diyan kasi naging teacher niya yung principal.”
“Ho?! Talaga?”
“Oho. Sabi nga stikto din. Kung anong strikto noon sa pagiging teacher, siyang strikto din sa school.”

I missed the chance to interview the parent about it since I was about to go home and it was getting dark already. Someday if I have time or maybe on our report card day, I’d ask about it.

Student number 34, check.

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