I deactivated my twitter, and set my Facebook where only a few could reach.

If you were my contact before and suddenly realized that you could not see my page anymore, please do not panic. “Unfriend” is a Facebook term, one that I hated. I will be making another account, and add you there. Maybe sometime soon.

About my the deactivation. Okay to be honest I am really overwhelmed by the mentions and tags to the point that I got scared of the Peach that I created. It’s a self thing issue.

And you know, it isn’t really easy to take two different career paths. One treats me like a princess; the other one made me realize that I did NOTHING for my past 22 years. It’s so hard to take in the word ‘fulfillment’ in two different stories.

I’m dealing with extremely depressing issues then I’d turn around and poof–I’m wearing a gown. Do you get it? If this continues, I think I might end up talking to a psychiatrist.

Your understanding would be the best gift for my 23rd year. Thank you.

What are your thoughts?

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