Words Versus Words

It’s given that we should all be careful with the words we say especially to people whose love language is words of affirmation. For these people, words speak stronger than actions; so if you would like to right their wrong, speak with the heart. Never come up with assumptions either.

Yes, even if they’re blunt. It seems weird that a person who uses sarcasm would have that kind of love language, but you cannot be sure. Even if you hurt their feelings, is it just to receive a statement like “I didn’t know if I really chose the right friends”?

Because if I were to be asked that, it would haunt me for the rest of my life.

I realized that people would forget who you are when you’ve hurt them. They’ll forget your weaknesses, your concerns, and the self you envisioned.

Being able to say what you want is really something I am envious of. When I try, I end up hurting someone, even though I just wanted to try another version of me. It’s not an excuse though; you should always think of what you say. But what scares me is that no matter how good your intentions are, all of it will be forgotten with just one word.

It is useless when I debate with someone with whom I can never win against. And maybe, I just lost the self-esteem I was building for years.

What are your thoughts?

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