SONA 2014 Reaction

First things first, it is nicer to hear “Kayo ang mga Pilipinong gusto kong pagsilbihan.” than “Kayo ang aking mga boss.” There’s a difference; it’s not all the time that you would want to work under a boss.

Second, he  sounded asar-talo when he defended himself against his critics. It seemed that the criticism of his administration immediately bounced back to the Filipino people. It was like, “Sinisiraan mo ko, sinisiraan mo din ang mga taong sumusuporta sa akin.” It doesn’t work that way, am I right? In a tweet of Mr. Rowie Azada-Palacios (‏@rowsterr) he mentioned, “Dude. Criticism comes with the territory. Just listen to the helpful criticism, ignore what’s unhelpful, and move on.”

I admit that most of his projects are commendable. Particularly the new infrastructures, which was mentioned many times during his SONA, that were constructed during his administration. Also, in my years of being aware with political issues, it was in his administration that many corrupt government officials were penalized. Most, not all, of his chosen secretaries got my trust.

There were also issues that were mentioned that the masa could definitely relate to like employment, health, and calamities. My face definitely lightened up when he mentioned that a percentage of the country’s budget that was allotted on our debt before was now allotted to more important issues in our country. Who wouldn’t be at least a bit hopeful when he mentioned that the number of people below the poverty line decreased?

I’m being positive here.

What I am disappointed about was how little he talked about the state of education in our country. Even last year, I was hopeful that he’d show a screen of statistics about classrooms and books etcetera. Other than health, it’s the thing we could all relate to… even the children. Some children barely know the word infrastructure, not even military. But when you say edukasyon, it would definitely ring a bell.

What about K-12? Did the budget for education even increase? What about State Universities and Colleges? UP’s tuition is for god’s sake 1,500 per unit! Is it still even the national university?

Is education even in the list of priorities of this country?

I hope in his last SONA next year, if there were 44 pages of his speech, there’d be at least one full page about education. Because you know Mr. President, I believe with what you said that Philippines is worth fighting for. Teaching is my way of fighting for my country. We deserve to know more.

2 thoughts on “SONA 2014 Reaction

  1. Actually, UP now has an STS bracketing system, wherein you are presumed rich (able to pay the 2,000 peso per unit), unless proven otherwise (your bracket might decrease, or increase, depending on your application).

    And perhaps to answer your question, yes it is a priority, but as we have seen, it is still not the TOP priority. Again, there is an elaborate charade of misrepresentation and misinformation, merely covering up the demise brought on by the several decades of rot and decay in the society. Sad to say, these people would better shower their names with roses and perfumes, rather to wallow in the mud to actually fix the system. (WHO WOULDN’T?! <- rhetorical, but meh)


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