Piggy Bank of Thoughts

It was in the middle of the quarter when I thought of what kind of project should I make them do. I wanted it to be more practical and more useful to them so my co-fellow suggested, “Let them save on their own.”

Last July 3, 2014, I told my students to bring piggy banks or recycled containers. Their project was to save a hundred or more (5 cents up to 20-peso bills) by the first week of August. Last week was the week of counting, and I was glad that most did the project. There was even a student in one section who surprised me by presenting me his piggy bank whereas I was so frustrated with his grades since he hadn’t passed any assignment at all!

One time I was counting the coins of a student when two mothers beside me began to discuss the project.

“Nakakatuwa nga ‘yan ma’am eh,” one said, “Nakapagipon sila. May iba kasi di talaga nakakapagipon. Basta gastos.”

“Oo nga!” The other one agreed with a laugh, “Pero yung anak ko yung kalahati ng inipon niya, binigay niya sa akin. Yung kalahati, pinambili namin ng gamit niya sa school.”

‘Thankful’ would be an understatement of what I felt that time. More of ‘kilig‘. ‘Sobrang kilig‘ would put my feelings to justice.

At first I thought all of them could do it, but after several thoughts I made arrangements for those who couldn’t save.

I told them to explain why saving is important. Most answered, “Para pag may biglaang gastos, tayo ay may pagkukunan.” That’s the obvious answer, but there are some students whose answers told a story… I want to end this blog by sharing them.

“Para po makatulong sa mga magulang pag walang pambili ng pagkain at pangbili ng gamit sa paaralan.” -Rhea Anasarias

“Kasi po magandang mag ipon kung meron po pambayad sa school para po hindi magdagdag ng problema sa ina.” -Celien Laurente

“Kasi pag ikaw ay nakaipon na marami kang napapasaya at meron ka din kasamang pamilya.” -Lheonardo Timbang

What are your thoughts?

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