Happy Kid

In all the Decembers I had, this is the busiest and the happiest so far.

6 December 2014 | TFP Christmas Party | TFP HQ
12 December 2014 | Chersmas Party | Evee Castaneda’s Residence

I played the red crayon: romansa.

13 December 2014 | Summit Authors Christmas Party | Summit Studios

I finally met KC Duabe (Kiche), the pretty girl with me on the upper right. She’s one of the writers in CC who I became friends with. After six long years, we finally met each other!

14 December 2014 | Jamming with Band Mates | On Air, Cubao

From left: bass, vocals, lead, drums

15 December 2014

Pop Fiction officially announced A Miracle’s release in bookstores nationwide. Illustrations were by Midori Matsui, translated and edited by Ms. Joanna. (Image from Buqo)

17 December 2014 | Surprise from JPZA| SM Fairview

He made me claim his gift to me at SM’s supermarket deposit area. I cried when I received it; it was my dream electric guitar.

18 December 2014 | Grade 3 PM Christmas Party | Dapul’s Residence

This was the first time that the one I picked during the exchange gift was the one who picked me.

19 December 2014 | CES Christmas Party | CES Covered Court

My runway walk during the Ms. Yuletide Casual wear event. (Yep, I represented the grade 3 PM teachers.) Credits to Mr. Angeleo Felipe.

20 December 2014 | NBS Farmers

Finally found a copy of my favorite childhood stories (during the time I wasn’t searching for it).

21 December 2014 | Mama and Papa’s 27th Anniversary | Max’s Taytay
27 December 2014 | Gift from Cryslyn Alto


An Sadit na Prinsipe binikol ni Fr. Wilmer S. Tria “Have you ever loved a story to the point that you buy every item related to it, including a book written in a language you don’t understand?”


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