Refusing Failure

Some are never good with words of comfort. Worse, some would shove the pain right in my face. I wish they would not, for I have a fragile heart.

I was fine with being criticized, but failing was another.

I failed miserably in handling failure.

I wish we were taught how to deal with failure in school, or at least how to empathize; not with “that’s okay” or “at least you have,” but something that would not hurt a fragile heart, but at the same time comfort them from where they fell. It’s like telling a person who broke a leg from a drastic fall to stand immediately.

The dark side of winning all the time is when you fail, you disregard everything you achieved; let the failure swallow you whole and bury you alive in the depths of loneliness.

Worse is that you know it’s happening, but you allow it anyway.

What are your thoughts?

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