As September Ends

September has been a good month to me. I was featured five times this month, and these were not possible if you, my readers, weren’t there for me.

1. A Miracle was nominated in the Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards under Young Adult Fiction.

It’s already the third week, so I think this won’t make the cut. Still, thank you to all those who voted and believed in Mary and Nathan.


2. A quote from my book was featured in Word Porn.

I’ve been sharing quotes from Word Porn that I can relate to, and I was surprised to see a quote from my book mentioned in the page. Click the link if you haven’t seen which quote was featured.


3. Teach for the Philippines was featured in CNN Philippines.

In our last Super Saturday, we were told to share our most memorable experience in the fellowship. I shared my experience with Glen Mark, the first and last student whom I visited. I cried half-way after realizing that I missed my first advisory class.

After a few months, the videos were compiled and distributed to each fellow. I found that mine was not there, but it was fine since I didn’t want my co-fellows to see that I cried on the video.

Little did I know that I’d be included here. That aside, I am proud to be included in the first cohort of Teach for the Philippines. They are the smartest bunch I’ve been with. Though we have diverse interests, we are united with a passion for a better educational system. I hope many young leaders who have the heart to make a change through education would also be a part of this. Watch the video and see how the organization has left its mark for the past three years.


4. My second book signing happened last September 20.

On the last day of the Manila International Book Fair, Pop Fiction had a book signing event in which I was a part of. I was overwhelmed with the number of supporters (since I’m a negatron who thinks that no one would bother to get a copy of my book.)

Thank you to all those who patiently waited in line. I apologize for the others who waited but did not make it to the 2:30 cut. Please know that I am very grateful for all the support you have been giving me since I started writing.

MIBF Book Signing


5. Lastly, this blog was nominated in #bloggys2015 in the Personal/Diary Category!


Being nominated is an honor; winning would be great. Though as I would say, I am grateful for all your support; with that, I have already won. I love writing ever since, and I did not expect that it would love me back. I did not imagine that I’d go as far as this, and this would not be possible if my readers weren’t there to read. They were the ones who discovered me first, so I want to thank them for believing in me.

Thank you for believing in me.

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