Passionate People Gone Wild on Social Media

Let us have an intelligent discussion here. My rules, when laying out my arguments, are:

1. Do not push your argument toward someone. Debate to have an intellectual discussion: to make you think, and to make him/her think. (Like what is said on this site: My thoughts may not be the same as yours, but you might as well consider mine, as I consider yours too.)
2. Understand where he/she is coming from. Is he/she an environmentalist? Where did he/she study? What is his/her religion?
3. Say thank you if have given all your points. Do not answer back if he/she replies with a point that you have tackled/answered in your discussion before.

The Di-Tumatayo-Si-Mabini Issue

First, I think the director did not make this film to divide us. He made this to make us analyze how much love we are giving our country today. But what happened was, the movie showed how divided we were (and maybe made us realize that some are ignorant of our history.) We are divided into two groups:

Group A: Those who knew that Mabini had Polio (or if they did not know he had Polio, at least they knew he was the “Dakilang Lumpo.”)
Group B: Those who were not aware why Mabini had been sitting throughout the movie.

While I am quite sad that some people, regardless of age, do not know that 1. Mabini was paralyzed, and 2. Bonifacio was neither paralyzed nor did he assassinated Luna, pointing how ignorant they are does not treat their ignorance.

For a Filipino to say putangina mo, bobo to a fellow Filipino implies that we would rather shame than correct their mistakes. Public shaming is the easiest way, but not the right one all the time.

So if I were to answer the people who are not aware of our history, I might even ask questions that would make them have interest, rather than make them ignorant their whole life. In the words of Senator Miriam Santiago, “A true teacher does not terrorize ignorant students. A true teacher knows that it is his job to cure ignorance.”

These are the words of a person whose least favorite subject was Araling Panlipunan, traumatized by questions about when and where heroes died; questions about which products are famous in other parts of the country; and a map in which you are required to memorize every capital and province . Yes, I could somehow relate to these people. It was only now that I am aware with the roles of Paterno and Buencamino in Antonio Luna’s life; I was familiar with their names, but not fully aware of their contributions. I didn’t even know there was a Paco Roman. I only knew them because of the film, and this is why I appreciated Heneral Luna–it removed my ignorance by informing me.

AlDub and Pastillas Girl

Let me clear myself that I am neither a fan of Aldub or Pastillas. I only knew the Aldub phenomenon because of my brothers (and I am surprised that they are more into this than me), and Pastillas Girl because of some hater.

I liked the former than the latter though. I traced where they originated and found out that the latter became famous for badmouthing her ex-lover while comparing him to how she makes pastillas. On the other hand, Yaya Dub became famous for her Dubsmash videos. I also watched the first episode where the AlDub love team was formed, and it seemed legit.

Going back, several people on my newsfeed were vocal to their contacts to stop posting about them. Here’s my take: there’s the unfollow button. I have unfollowed several of my contacts already during issues like the same-sex marriage and INC rallying on EDSA, and even changed my trend bar in Twitter from Philippines to Japan just to avoid “bad vibes.” I never replied to their posts even when I wanted to voice out how unreasonable they are (in my point-of-view) because, as my life partner said, “People attach more meaning to something they’re passionate about.” AlDub fans are passionate about making AlDub trend. Showtime fans are passionate about making Pastillas Girl and/or ViceRylle trend. Others are passionate about something else.

Don’t stop these people from what they are passionate about (unless you are certain to stop other’s from being passionate about something… Though that’s sad.) We cannot force everyone to feel the same way about something we love, like how Gen. Antonio Luna failed to make Paterno and Buencamino love the country first before themselves.

However, we can influence others by sharing news you think are more important. By this, you do not only make others aware of other more important news, but you minimize the “negative vibes” taking the the social media like a virus.

Besides, I feel that twitter hashtags are spammed. I wonder how many millions are really tweeting about them when one person tweets like a hundred of hashtags in a minute.

I will end this blog with a poem I made last September 26 after realizing that these issues have been making people fight against each other.


First, there was love…

You were drowned by the flames of passion.
Thus, the delight.

Then, there was hate…

when others destroy your beloved.
Thus, you fight.

Then, there was war…

with hearts of varied desires.
Then, you lose sight.

But peace never came.

One thought on “Passionate People Gone Wild on Social Media

  1. Hello ate Peach.. :)) Ako po yung makulit na bata sa Twitter at Wattpad account mo na panay message sayo haha. Uhm, Nacucurious po ako kung sino ka po talaga, I mean kung paano ka maging kaibigan haha lels. Sige po. God bless.


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