Infinite Questions

Kindly read this with an open mind.

I often imagine what souls look like. Do they look like Io in Defense of the Ancients? Do souls look like the body we left like in horror movies? Do souls look like anything? If there were souls, how would they go back to God? Or would these souls know other souls from their lives here on Earth? If there were none, why did God even share this gift and take it away from us?

We have been taught that there is a God; that when our body on Earth is dead, our soul still remains and goes back to that God. If there is one God who created us all, why then are we all fighting for who is to be saved?

These are the times I wish there were none. Why are we separated by religions anyway? Why did God give us free will? Did this free will ever make all of us believe and praise this God? No. People are trampling each other to reserve a ticket to salvation.

This comes to my second point where innocent people die in the hands of greed. How does one have the gift of free will and use it to take it away from others? It is saddening when they either believe they will be forgiven in the end anyway, or worse, they don’t believe in anything at all. These are the times I wish there were a God, so s/he can judge rightfully.

But then again, are these people really to blame when they themselves kill to survive? when they suffered a terrible past which forced them to do inhumane things?

I have so many questions whose answers sprout more questions. Others dismiss these questions by faith, and will stop you by saying “to believe is to see” or something like that. While others might see this as “lack of faith,” I’d say, though they may not understand, that the brain is beautiful and terrible at the same time.

What are your thoughts?

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