The Real Enemy

While I also question Facebook’s move, I think it would be best if we unite against the real enemy that is terrorism. I see a lot of people ranting on these profile pictures with an overlay of the flag of France saying that the other countries who experience this terror every day do not get much attention.

But why are we always bothered by who gets the attention?

Why are we easily mislead from the real issue?

I suggest, if you are passionately infuriated by how these Western countries get more sympathy than the rest of the world in times like this, and you firmly believe that all countries deserve equal attention from Facebook, then overlay your picture with a picture of the planet or a picture showing all flags…

Because this fight of who gets the sympathy and attention cannot bring back the lives of the innocent people killed by terrorists…

Why is it that some people who wanted terrorism to end spread hate by dictating that they are right and others are wrong? And if I draw a Venn diagram here with terrorists on the left circle and the rest of the world on the right, that trait is written in the middle.

What are your thoughts?

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