A Little Paranoid

My abdomen feels bloated, and I’m scared to know what’s inside. I noticed this a few months ago, but ignored it. Besides, my mother had a huge lower belly, and I had read an article on how having one is heritable. Aside from the bloated feeling, I also have a hard time excreting. Whenever I take a pee, I would feel uncomfortable after, wishing I could curl into a corner. I googled abdominal bloating, and the results are frightening. Funny part was, I did everything the source said not to do (chewed a gum, drank carbonated drinks through a straw, ate vegetables from the cabbage family, ate dairy products plus everyone in the house knows how fast I swallow my food.)

I decided to visit the doctor tomorrow to see if I might have stones or cysts, though better if the doctor would tell me I was just paranoid and I just need a fix on my diet.

I wrote this just in case.

What are your thoughts?

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