Missing Teaching

I filed for a vacation leave so I could submit my documents in applying for a teaching position in senior high school. Unfortunately, half of my day did not turn out well.

The process of applying for an NBI clearance had improved since the first time I applied for one. The thing was, I got a hit. My initial reaction was Weh? Someone has the exact name as mine? Take note that I had three names plus my middle name and my surname.

I decided not to submit in one of the cities I hoped to apply for since I lacked an NBI clearance. I proceeded to the division of Pasig, and tried to submit my application; but the person in charge said that I should submit it to the school where I wanted to apply for. I looked at google maps and saw that it would take me 40 minutes to go to the school without traffic. Due to time constraints, I opted not go anymore and proceeded to my top priority.

The taxi fare was 302 Php, but I did not mind. What’s important was I must reach the division of Quezon City schools before 4:00 PM. Besides, the heat was devastating. Upon submitting my documents, I saw the notice on the window that the deadline of submission was on first week of February. I did not lose hope and still asked if I could submit my documents or if I could submit them on the second semester, but the woman said that I should just try next year.

With grief and disappointment, I texted my colleagues and friends that I was not able to make it to the deadline. I was teary-eyed while walking by SM North, but lost it while I was inside the comfort room.

But I knew, my day would still end well. My last stop was at the school where I taught for two years.

with the Grade 3 teachers
with the Grade 3 teachers

I peeked into one of the Grade 4 rooms. When one student saw me and shouted, “Teacher Jessa!” my students just came out of the room, squeezing and pulling me into a tight hug. I surprised myself by calling them by their real names. How did I even manage to remember all of them? I thought. They were so excited to take a picture with me that only my bangs were captured in the photograph.


At 6:10, I went downstairs and waited for my 3-Dela Cruz students. Students who knew me either took my hand (nagmano) or embraced me. Many were surprised, and most were delighted that I was able to make a visit.

Glenn Mark was stunned to see me. He was well-groomed, though he admitted that he had to take summer classes.

Mark Las-ay stared at me for a long time. He couldn’t believe I was there.

Desiree would not let go of my hand and told me how she could still remember our voices.

Kenli charged toward me and hugged me for minutes.

Lash, after exiting the school, went back to give a mano.

All of these… I knew my visit was worthwhile.

I chatted with some of my students. I kind of miss that at-the-end-of-the-day routine where my former students would go to me and tell stories about how their day went.

“Teacher, magtuturo ka ba ulit dito?”
“Si Teacher Gian kailan po bibisita?”
“Si Teacher Carlo din po kasama niyo?”
“Andito po si Teacher Sofia dati.”
“Babawi po ako sa fourth grading.”
“Miss na po namin kayo.”
“Wala po kasing top sa bawat subject eh.”
“Wag po kayo bibili ng smart bro kasi hindi gumagana yan eh.”
“Teacher lagot kami kapag tinanggal ni Mateo sapatos niya!”
“Perfect po siya sa test.”
“Siya yung sinasabi ko sa inyo! Magaling magturo yan!”
“Teacher wag ka magagalit ah… Baka umulit ako eh.”
“Nagpapasa naman po ako ng project pero mababa pa rin po grades ko.”
“48 nga siya sa exam eh!”
“Nagpapasaway kaya yan teacher!”
“Lumipat na po si Lexxina sa ibang school eh.”
“Ay magkwento nga daw hindi daw magsumbong!”
“Ganda ng teacher namin no?!”
“Add niyo po ko sa Facebook!”
“Crush niya po siya!”
“Quiet lang kasi mag BUHOS student kaya kayo!”
“Bumalik na po kasi kayo sa pagtuturo. Sa Grade 5 naman!”

I definitely miss teaching.

This is why, after all the misfortunes, I could say that my day still ended well.

What are your thoughts?

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