Row, Row, Row my Boat


I will keep this short (well, at least compared to the rest of the blogs and posts about the 2016 elections).

Yes, I am for Sec. Mar and Cong. Leni as my President and Vice President respectively. As a believer of the K-12 program and an advocate for educational equity, LGBT rights, women empowerment, and human rights; to me, they are the right choice.

Sen. Miriam would be second. I have no doubts with her academic and political achievements. If I were alive during the 1991 elections, I would have voted for her. My followers would know that I was a supporter of Sen. Miriam before, but her choice of vice president made me switch. Don’t even get me started with “eh di wag mo iboto si Sen. Bongbong!” Remember: your choices reflect who you are and where you want to be. She had a choice to run independently, but she didn’t.

Sen. Poe would be third. If it’s clarity we are talking about, Sen. Grace won all of the debates; and admit it, she researched about the issues well. But her heart of campaign was out of place. What does she mean by “ipagpapatuloy ko ang ginawa ng aking ama“? She would have started with a “gobyernong may puso,” but her accomplishments in the senate made me want to rethink on how she could establish one. I would love to see her work in the senate more; I see a potential leader in her, but not as my president yet.

Before Sen. Miriam announced that she would run for president, my vote was for Mayor Duterte. I would love to see his accomplishments in Davao be accomplished in the Philippines. Though the more I know him, the more I become afraid. They say, “wag ka matakot kung wala kang ginagawang masama.” But by saying that, you are still creating a culture of fear. I could list all that is very hard to understand with Mayor Duterte: his inconsistencies, his future plans, and his statements. But to keep this short: He is not the Batman that I thought he was.

I did not consider Vice President Binay though. And I would be honest, I voted for him as vice president. The way he addressed himself as “one of the masses” and the way he spoke of his accomplishments in Makati and promised that he would redo it in the Philippines won me (sounds familiar?). And yes, I felt betrayed when I heard his money-laundering offenses. Since then, I vowed to research my candidates first.

I did my part by sharing articles from reliable sources and stories from people who experienced Sec. Mar’s dedicated service. And it saddens me that it came to a point where supporters of all candidates resort to black propaganda. Why would others pretend to be supporters of the other, and make people believe that vote-buying is instructed by the party or a candidate? Why is shaming someone publicly becoming a norm these days?

I understand the passion, but please, we are more than that.

If the administration does good, commend and acknowledge; if it does wrong, join the movement for immediate action. Let us not be hypocrites who believe that either all is perfect or nothing good has been done.

Let us all hope for secure and fair elections. And whatever the result may be, remember that we are voting for Philippines’ sake.

What are your thoughts?

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