First Bridesmaid Experience

Last May 27, my dear friend Cheradee got married, and I was one of her bridesmaids (my first time to have a special role in a wedding). The ceremony was in Iglesia ni Cristo, Magsaysay, Baguio City, so obviously, I had to go there. (Credits to the official photographer of the wedding for these pictures.)

So many places in Baguio are worth visiting. I was only able to take pictures in Burnham Park, Bencab Museum, a cafe near Session Road, and Rancho House in Ketchup Food Community, but I was also able to visit Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, and their night market.

I wasn’t able to the activities in Burnham Park, but I was able to enjoy their four-wheels for thirty minutes. Bencab Museum is a must-visit museum. I particularly liked their erotica room where there’s a sculpture of a woman’s vagina. It was peculiar and amazing at the same time.

Too bad it was raining so I wasn’t really able to walk around the night market that much.

The next day, before going to the terminal, I visited Mines View Park. There’s really nothing spectacular to see. But I was able to buy a very thick poncho and a bag. I decided to buy pasalubong (ube jam, lengua de gato, and peanut brittle) in Good Shepherd instead since it’s cheaper. Lastly, I had lunch at Rancho Norte at Ketchup Food Community. The place was instagrammable, but their bagnet failed my taste buds. Unfortunately, their bestselling tapang kabayo was sold out.

I’m definitely going back there.

What are your thoughts?

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