We Are Made of Choices

Life has hit me hard these days. I asked questions and expected answers, but they never came. I got tired, quitted on questioning, and just welcomed the pain.

I welcomed the pain for the happiness that was left.

And to constantly remind myself about it, I changed my wallpaper to:

Don’t ask.
Just take it all in.

This is why I hate science. It taught us that through asking questions that we can arrive with a conclusion. But no. Some questions bear more questions and not answers.

“God has a reason for all of these. Trust in him.” Bear with my words—and I hope I won’t offend anyone—but this reasoning is lazy. It’s lazy because this is the only answer that we can give when we want answers badly, but they just won’t come. It’s actually a better wording for “I don’t know.”

For those whom I offended, I apologize. I am not a firm believer of “God has a reason for all of these” but rather of “God gave us free will.” But this free will comes with a responsibility—a responsibility for the choices we make. However, our choices bear consequences, and these consequences bear the questions we don’t have answers to.

Or the answer might be simply “you chose this,” but we deny it. And we deny it because we avoid accountability for our own actions. We seek for something to blame. We seek for reasons other than “you chose this.”

A huge part of our lives is made up of our choices. Or is that as lazy as “there is a reason for this”?

But then we coexist with others. We are connected with each other. There are times where we will be tangled up with the consequence of their choices.

Thus, the cycle of questioning continues.

There, there. So much for a drunk blog.

What are your thoughts?

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