Peach is Back!

Peach is back on WordPress!

Sorry. I really went through a lot, so I was not able to write blogs and post new stuff here. I am more active on Twitter since it doesn’t take too much time to write a 140-character blog. My pictures–carefully chosen–are posted on Instagram.

I hope I could post at least once a week. I would limit my blogs to a maximum of 700 words, so you wouldn’t get bored (that’s a five-minute read, more or less). I’ll be adding movie reviews, travel blogs, political rants, and my opinions on things that people put passion to.

And for those who are asking, yes, I’m continuing Lost and Found and a lot of hiatus projects. I’ll start with LAF first.

Thank you for being patient with me, folks. I’ve been through dark times, which I don’t regret since they made me wiser and stronger. My current work also keeps me busy, but I promise to update my blog often.

Have a happy Sunday!

One thought on “Peach is Back!

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